Virtual reality training for more inclusive companies

The simplest way to train for empathy at scale

Combine instruction, practice, feedback, and analytics all into one platform that users love.

Practice in a way that feels real

Users practice active listening and empathy in a realistic scenario. It’s just like role playing, but virtual.

Results after just 15 minutes

Each practice session lasts about 15 minutes. A single session increases awareness, future session hone skills.

Feedback on how you did

Users get feedback from an expert on how they did, and see examples from peers, all in a simple online app.

What users say about training with Minda

“Challenging, rewarding and very real.”


“I could practice in my own voice.”


“You want to get better each time.”


“I brought the skills into my real life.”


“So many applications beyond HR.”


“More training needs to be like this.”


Our training isn’t just engaging — it’s effective. Get the case study to learn how.

Learning analytics without lifting a finger

Objectively reported, no survey required — proof of ROI delivered.

More features, fewer problems

Discounted pilot

No need to take a leap of faith with virtual reality. We do small scale pilots at a reduced cost. Just ask.

Designed for engagement

Beautiful graphics and realistic animation combine to create an engaging experience.

Personalized AI

Our AI gets to know your team and how you talk - so the company DNA can be reflected in the tool itself.

Evidence based

Nothing makes it into our platform that can’t be backed up by top-tier psychology research.

Hardware agnostic

Our platform runs on any major virtual reality setup. Need a primer on what the options are? Check out our FAQs.

No stereotypes ever

We pride ourselves on portraying fully realized characters in our simulations. No assumptions, no stereotypes.

Meet the team

Ashley Kircher

Cofounder | CEO

Ashley has headed initiatives to encourage understanding of and empathy for users at rapidly-growing B2B startups. She has a diverse background in data-driven product design, web development, illustration and women’s studies.

Naftali Beder

Cofounder | CTO

Naftali is an indie game designer and developer with 10 years experience and multiple successful apps and games released. He’s also an award-winning illustrator and alumnus of the MIT Game Lab research program.

Craig Williams

Advisor | Social Psychology

Craig has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford, and previously worked at the Stanford Social Neuroscience Laboratory. He's been the recipient of multiple awards and grants, including from the National Science Foundation, to conduct research related to emotion and empathy.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need?

For the fullest experience, or 'room scale,' you'll need a VR-ready computer and either an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset with controllers. An alternative is mobile VR, where you'll need a VR-ready phone and either a Samsung Gear with controller or Google Daydream.

What's the difference between room scale and mobile?

Aside from the hardware differences, room scale allows for feeling like you're fully in a space. You can fully move around the virtual space, and, because the imagery is running on a computer, you can have higher quality visual content. Mobile VR can't track your movements in space, so in some ways it won't feel like you're really there. Because the graphics are running on a phone they may be of lower quality.

I have 100 (or 10,000) employees - how many headsets do I need?

It all depends on the training set up you want to have. If training can happen any time, you might only need a couple headsets that can be signed out for a few minutes at a time. Or if you have a specific set up, you may need more headsets to allow for many people to train simultaneously. A general rule of thumb would be one headset for every 250 employees.

How do I get the equipment set up?

We'll do our best to contract with someone in your area to come set it up for you. We're more than happy to walk you through the buying and installation process. Just get in touch!

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